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YouTube brings new policy against bad video bloggers

YouTube brings new policy against bad video bloggers

YouTube has said that new policies are being developed to take action against those who are undermining the reputation of their site -

YouTube's chief executive Susan Wojcicki said that some video bloggers have a very bad attitude to harm the whole video blogger community. Recently a popular video blogger Logan Paul's YouTube channel is widely criticized after showing the body of a suicide victim in a video.

This dead body was found in a jungle in Japan, known as 'Suicide Jungle'. Every year many people go to commit suicide. Note that Japan's suicide rate is very high. After this incident, the YouTube authorities took several measures against Logan Paul.

Youtube is using their 'algorithm' to ensure that ads do not appear beside a video that is controversial on YouTube. But many people who have become a star by video blogging on YouTube, are complaining that their videos are now being misused by advertising in this category by mistake.

They are also complaining that YouTube's policy lacks transparency.

But in a blog post, YouTube chief executive Susan Wojcicki said that he wanted to increase the confidence of people about YouTube.

He said how to find a better solution of various problems, they are trying it. That's why the idea of video review is now done by recruiting more moderators.

"We are now preparing the policies that would lead to the consequences for someone doing something bad."

YouTube wants to create a clear policy for their content creators. Suzanne said, "Although such a bad thing is rare, but still it can cause great harm to the reputation of YouTube. Hank Green, a big star on YouTube, welcomed this step in a blog post.

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