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Apple iPhone selling record in this year

Apple's iPhone selling record

Apple has recorded for iPhone sales. Apple has sold 2.39 million iPhone in the US during the winter holiday season of 2017. The company's share of the market has increased from 37 percent to 44 percent, due to higher sales in the season. 

Since coming to market on November 3, the iPhone 10 has sold at least eight million. The number of iPhone 10 sales is more than double the number of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. 

According to the marketplace program of Counterpoint Research, the total smartphone market has reached 512 million during the holiday season of 2017. Counterpoint research director Jeff Field Hack said that for the first time in the United States Apple recorded  to sell 20 million Apple iPhone.

The market has increased by 20 percent, while the whole market sales have increased only by two percent compared to the previous year, Field Hack said. However, due to high prices, it did not sell in some Asian countries including China, the report said in the report.