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Top Tourists attractions in Netherlands

Top Tourists attractions in Netherlands

Most of the tourists came Netherlands to visit the capital city Amsterdam, but there are also some another famous tourist spot in Netherlands. 

The top tourist spots of Netherlands are listed below.

1. Canals of Amsterdam: It is the sign of Dutch Golden Age situated in Amsterdam and the main canals have about 1550 Monumental buildings.

2. Leiden Canals: It is the oldest University in Netherlands and also birthplace for many beautiful canals. 

3. West Frisian Islands: It is a chain of some islands in the north sea of Dutch coast.

4. Deft City Hall: It is a Renaissance style building and designed by the Dutch architect Hendrick Kerk. 

5. Keukenhof Gradens: It is the world's largest flower garden situated in Kenkenhof.

6. Hoge Veluwe: It is a famous national park to preserve the natural resources. 

7. Kinderdijk: Many windmills are existed here near the village of Kinderdijk. 

8. Rijksmuseum: It is the largest anf famous museum in Amsterdam.

9. Maastricht: It is a well known city in Maastricht ito the south of Netherlands and a lot of festivals is arranged here.

10. Delta Project: Build in 1950 to 1997 to protect the large area of land from the sea and it is consisted of some dams, locks, barriers etc.