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LG launches first 8K TV in the world

LG launches the world's first 8K TV.

Yesterday, LG launches the world's first 8K resolution TV. This is 88 inch OLED TV. The technology website Engadget said, LG's new 8K display TV's resolution is  7680 x 4320 pixels. Which is 16 times more resolution than flower HD. Earlier LG introduced the 77 inches OLED monitor. Now the 88 inches monitor breaks their all previous records by bringing it in the market.

LG told Engadget, this TV will be shown in the 'Consumer Electronics Show' held in 2018. Consumers electronics show rooms will sit in Las Vegas. In the show from January 9 to 12, renowned technology companies will display their latest invented products.

The price of this new monitor is not yet to be known. However, the price of  is expected to be higher than the monitor - Samsung's 88 inches QLD 4K. The price of Samsung's 4K resolution is $20,000 USD. According to an Engadget, LG wants to give Samsung an acronym in the monitor market. Meanwhile, the report from the Investor website says that Apple wanted technology from the LG company.