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Robot worker was fired in only seven days!

Robot worker was fired in only seven days!

Robot worker was fired from a UK store, named Fabio after only seven days of work. Researchers at Heriot-Watt University invented Fabio. In the last week of Marjorata Store, Edinburgh's local shop, Fabio was started work.

At first, Fabio welcomed the clients who came to the shop. At the same time, Fabio also provided information about different products to the clients. The robot software was connected to the Internet. As a result, Fabio could provide various information to answer questions of customers.

And the manager of the store, Luisa Marzowatta said that there was a limit to the movement of the robot. It could not rotate the entire store and could not show where customers had a specific product. Unfortunately, we did not expect Fabio to show such a craft and Fabio did not show work as we thought. People actually started to avoid Fabio.'

Oliver Lemon, director of the Interaction Lab at Heriot Watt University, said that other employees of the shop had loved Fabio. When we were packing Fabio, a worker was crying. Because they all were adapted themselves with the robot. " The team said that a robot will never be a complement to a man. Because, the ability to judge like humans is not possible for a robot. Robot can do some specific works.