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Boost Your brain with this 5 fun exercises

Boost your brain with this 5 fun exercises!

We see many people to exercise every morning to stay healthy and fit. Exercise is needed not only for physical fitness but also for our mind! 

There are some exercises for mental health, which we will know today about this exercises.

There are five important areas of brain exercise practices:

1. Memorization exercises

2. Concentrate exercises

3. Linguistic exercises

4. View of exercises and

5. External environment.

1. Memorization exercises

An important function of our brain is to keep everyday events as memories. It is also possible to practice the mind through the practice of memory of this memory. Every day, there will be no more than trying to distinguish this memory, but trying to do a little differently in everyday activities.

For example, listening to a brand new song is enough to try to remember without seeing its words. Along with this, trying to do one of the daily work in the dark or the hand we normally use, the effort to reverse the brain, but it refreshes the brain.

2. Concentrate exercises

Whatever work we do, it is necessary that attention should be made. This focus is not enough for the growth, but there is a change in the day-to-day work. For example, change the place of your working desk. By doing this, you will have to go to the old place and go to the new place consciously in the absence of the subconscious to work.

To listen to music, it can be tried to do any work, especially in mind. In this, you will insist on the mind to pay attention both times at the same time.

3. Linguistic exercises

Learning new languages or learning new words from old languages makes the brain more active. For this, reading a daily paper will be a bit different. Remember, you're more comfortable reading the page.

Then slowly start reading business pages. Notice that the words used in the game are used in different meanings in different situations. This will benefit your brain and increase your vocabulary.

4. View of exercises

Eye is an important part of the brain. To practice this, try to think of what was left out of the room every day, place something in the room. Feeling very easy?

Then wait for 2 hours, then try to remember. If you are sitting idle or waiting for someone, try to notice everything as much as you can while sitting around your eyes. This will increase the brain's attention, and subsequently you will notice many important things around the subconscious.

In order to improve the brain, there are many types of programs in the Western world

5. External practice

We think of subconscious, many ways to make decisions every day, small and big. For example, we do logic and light thin rejoining. If these actions are not conscious of the subconscious consciously, the brain will be more active.

Playing video games or talking with new people for the first time also helps to brain brain consciousness.

In order to improve the brain, there are many types of programs in the Western world. In order to participate, you have to spend a lot of dollars. In our country, many such programs are being started in exchange for money.

Most studies show that these programs do not give much to adults as much work as minors do.

So, if adults can do their own brains at home without the help of our daily activities, then what is the harm?