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Benefits of Meditation which will change your student life

 Benefits of Meditation which will change your student life

We do a lot of things to keep our body healthy. Someone walking in the morning, taking exercise, eating healthy food etc. But in order to improve our student life, we should keep our body healthy, we also need to keep our mind healthy and we can do it very easily by meditation.

Meditation is such a condition that when our brain is absorbed in a specific subject by separating itself from unnecessary things and learn to use the power of the brain with the most and accurately. Starting from the most powerful people in the world, a lot of the Nobel laureates, scientists, or writers, there is a common practice and that is Meditation.

In addition to staying in meditation 10-15 minutes daily, you can have a positive effect on your mental health and intellectual development in student life. There are six important effects of meditation in student life:

1. IQ level increase

We all like to think of ourselves a bit smart. Now if there is a thing that can really increase our IQ level, then surely it will be a surprise!

According to researchers, meditation can really increase our IQ level. A study done in 2011 at Harvard University showed that, due to 8 weeks or more medication, our brain "LEFT HIPPOCAMPUS," POSTERIOR CINGULATE CORTEX "and" TEMPORO PARIETAL JUNCTION "have been increased in size. It increases our ability to learn memory, thinking and learning new things.

2. Released from the disturbance of academic studies

Throughout the day classes, private and homework pressure, many of us are frustrated. Meditation is a great way to overcome this problem of academic study. Meditation reduces the cell volume of our brain "AMYGDALA", which reduces fear, anxiety and disturbances in our brain. Meditation also increases the secretion of the alpha wave in our brain, which helps reduce feelings of anxiety, sadness and anger.

3. Attention increase

Keeping the focus on the reading table is a little hard for us all. In particular, it is really difficult to keep a close focus on one subject in the exam days. But meditation can make this difficult thing a little easier for you. Meditation can increase your attention by 50% for a few days in the exam days.

Meditation will teach your thinking to focus on one subject, which will increase the ability to think deeply on one of your subjects, and while reading, all other thoughts are far from the brain.

4. Bad habits are helpful to leave

There are some practices of student life that we can not easily leave without knowing it bad. This is because of lack of will and self-control; "DORSOLATERAL PREFRONTAL CORTEX (dlPFC)", which is responsible for the brain's front part. Meditation affects dlPFC, which leads to increased self-control and we can easily leave bad habits.

5. Physical fitness

Physical fitness is one of the preconditions for well-being and good results in examinations. No matter how well you prepare, you will not be able to give 100% of your exams if you are not physically fit. Meditation helps keep us mentally healthy as well as helping us stay physically healthy. Meditation regulates the levels of C-Reactive Protein in our body, which reduces the risk of our heart disease.

Meditation reduces the risk of depression caused by a student by 31%

Only 3 months of regular meditation reduce the risk of high blood pressure by about 52%. Regular meditation will remove your fatigue and fatigue, so that you will be able to continue with the full enthusiasm and other activities. It has been found in the study that regular meditation habits of the patient have more antibodies and immune system than those of normal people.

6. Goodbye depression, now it's a joyous turn!

In a survey conducted by the Emory University of the United States, one student of three students suffers from depression or depression at some point of time. Trouble with learning, bad results or conflict with friends; Whatever the reason - sadness is very harmful for both body and mind. Even more than 1000 students each year due to sadness only!

Meditation is one of the best ways to overcome sadness. According to Professor Willem Kuyken of Oxford University, meditation works much like Anti-Depression Medicines for people with a depression. Meditation also reduces the risk of a student's depression by 31%.