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What is Trojan Horse - details of Trojan Horse

What is Trojan Horse - details of Trojan Horse? 

Currently the most popular method for hackers is the RAT (Remote Administration Tool). Hackers can send this software / app to you in different ways. Once you install it in your devices, the hackers will get control of your smartphone / devices!

Talking about hackers, hackers will not be able to install the app by force. So how do they plan to convince you? What they basically do - combines the harmful app with another common known app. It is often seen that many pages are open when many sites are open and the app is being downloaded, in most cases UC Browser / Vidmate are all known apps.

Trojan horse means "Horse of Troy"

When you install the app on a simple phone, it is installed on your phone without knowing the harmful RAT hiding inside it! The common app together with this RAT is called Together Horizon Trojans.

"Trojan horse" means "Horse of Troy". In Greek mythology there is a story, once Greece's soldiers plan a tricky one to occupy the city of Troy. They make a huge big horse and leave it on the borders of the town of Troy. The inhabitants of the city are surprised to see the trunk of the Greek soldiers!

Meanwhile the soldiers left the wooden horse and left it from there. The urban Greeks are afraid to go and bring the horse into the city. They did not even think of the defeat brought themselves to ruin!

When all the people of the city fell asleep in the night, a huge wooden horse was brought down by a rope from the Greek army! The entire city of Troy came under attack by ambushing the sleeping city. The tragedy occurred in the city of Troy. 

Like the Troy horse in the story, Trojan Horse of the smartphone works the same way.

What can hackers do by hacking the phone?

1. Hackers can see and steal all the files, photos, videos, voice text, etc. of your phone if they hacked it.

2. Hackers can read all the SMS / Mail on your phone. They will be able to know all your personal information. As a result, they can easily hack your email, facebook etc account.

3. Hackers can track your phone location. As a result, they can find out where you are staying very easily. 

4. They can send calls and messages from your phone to another number.

5. They can copy all the number of phone numbers you have entered.

6. Unknowingly, using your phone's camera, they can record pictures / video very easily!

They can open, install, uninstall all the apps of your phone.

Once the hacker's hacking is successful, you can get rid of harmful RAT from the phone. As a result, there will be no sign of the hacked phone! 

It may be happen that at the moment your phone is controlling a hacker! So from now be careful.