If you want to avoid smartphones hacking, then you must need to know ~ Ofuran

If you want to avoid smartphones hacking, then you must need to know

If you want to avoid smartphones hacking, then you must need to know

Currently we can not imagine a day without our favorite smartphone. Smartphone can used  in many urgent tasks - from Facebook, Twitter, Whats App and money banking through mobile banking can be scrapped on smartphones nowadays.

But do you know that the favorite smartphone can be hacked very easily? Your Facebook, Mail accounts can be hacked! You can lose your personal pictures of your smartphone, videos and sensitive information with bank account information.

Hackers steal smartphones or personal photos / videos by blackmailing a huge amount of money. Although the issue of hacking has been a problem in the developed world, it has been a big issue in our country. So, be aware of the time, in this regard, know about the method of hackers, do not fall into their trap.

What is Hacking?

Hacking is infringing on somebody's device (computer / smartphone) and taking control of it. If your smartphone is hacked, then hackers can do whatever you want with your phone! All the pictures of your smartphone, videos, audio, voicemails, text messages, everything can be hacked by hackers!

Through open / free Wi-Fi

Nowadays, many of us go out of the smartphone first and see whether there is Wi-Fi open! Free Wi-Fi is very popular in public places with educational institutions, cafes, restaurants. But you will be surprised to know that if you use such open or free WiFi, then hackers can easily know all the information about you!

How do hackers work? 

If the Wi-Fi network you are using is open, hackers can easily intercept the data you exchange. There is a software called 'packet sniffer' for this. It can know all the information entered into the middle of the interaction with your phone!

If you want to avoid such hacking solution in one word - do not use Open / Free WiFi. Use mobile data if needed.

Password stealing

Many of us use the same password all over Facebook, Gmail and Yahoo. As a result, if a password is stolen, the hackers are knowing the password of all! Therefore, different passwords should be used everywhere.

Another important thing that many of us do not know is that the passwords should always use numbers (1 2 3 4) as well as letters (A B C D) and so on. If you use only letters, it is relatively easy to steal passwords, using the digit becomes difficult for hackers! Do not forget to change your password for a few days but

Protect your Facebook password with mail, phone number etc. Get mail account under mobile verification. In this way, if hackers steal passwords, you will not be able to access the mail without verification code on your phone.

Phishing scams

This "fishing" means not fishing. This is by phishing, hackers can easily know your information.

Phishing scams are one of the most common ways in Bangladesh. How does it work?

Think of someone close to you with a link to the message in Facebook and said you can see any of your favorite songs / photos / videos etc. You also click on the link to the right and your account is hacked immediately! If you know to go to the raging reggae, then his account is already hacked!

Hackers in Bangladesh are widely using phishing scams in Bangladesh, they are also successful in most cases due to the unconsciousness of the people. So, be careful now from now, think twice before you click on a link and send someone a link.

There is no need to click on the most trusted link (facebook / youtube / google drive). Wherever you can click on the internet, phishing is a scam victim, so be careful while there!

Trojan horse

Currently the most popular method for hackers is the RAT (Remote Administration Tool). Hackers can send this software / app to you in different ways. Once you install it, the hackers will get control of your smartphone!

Talking about hackers, you will not be able to install the app with you. So how do they plan to convince you? What they basically do - combines the harmful app with another common known app. It is often seen that many pages are open when many sites are open and the app is being downloaded, in most cases UC Browser / Vidmate are all known apps.