Ralph Northam won in the middle election of the Virginia USA ~ Ofuran

Ralph Northam won in the middle election of the Virginia USA

The Democrats won in the middle election of the United States

Democrat candidate Ralph Northam has been elected as the governor of the United States Virginia state by astonishing the whole world. And at the same time, Donald Trump seems to have started the fall of political dignitaries. 

According to the latest news available at 10.00 am, today Democrat candidate Ralph Northam was elected as governor by 53.9% votes in total. On the other hand, Republican Ed Gillespie received only 45% of the total vote.

On November 7, in the middle  elections of the United States on January 7, 2007, the result was the result of the state elections in Virginia. And the future of US President Donald Trump was dependent on this election result in Virginia. 

Political thinkers expressed the opinion that President Donald Trump will sign his success and failure on the Republican candidate Ed Galissippi victory. Donald Trump hopes to see Ed Joyce's win in Virginia as his victory in a tweet. But with Donald Trump hoping for all the hopes, Democrat candidate Ralph Northum was elected the Governor of the state of Virginia.

Voters of Virginia voted from 7am to 7pm through day-to-day rain and hostile weather. Excluded Bangladeshi expatriates living in Virginia Voting in the polling booth to win its candidate by defeating very cold and rain.

Democrat candidate Jastin E Fairfax has also been elected as the litterateur globron in Virginia. Meanwhile, Democrat Phil Murphy has been elected Governor of New Jersey State. Phil Murphy was elected the Governor for the first time in the election, defeating the current governor Kim Godguno and elected governor.

On the same day the Democrats in New York City Council elections have monopolized the monopoly. Democrat candidates have snatched victory in all the other posters except the mayor. After the mayor, Bill de Blazio defeated the Republican Party candidate by getting 64 percent of the vote.