1800 vacant posts in non-cadre in 36th BCS examination informed by PSC ~ Ofuran

1800 vacant posts in non-cadre in 36th BCS examination informed by PSC

1800 vacant posts in non-cadre in 36th BCS examination informed by PSC

PSC has received a list of vacancies of about 1,800 people for the non-cadre position in the 36th BCS exam. Besides, PSC is working to get more vacant posts and many trusted sources of PSC confirmed this in the first light.

The PSC sources said that they are hoping to get some more posts than the government first class 300 and the second class 1,500 vacancies. According to merit list, these posts will be appointed for non-cadres. But there is no known about when these recruitment process will start.

Asking,the PSC chairman Mohammad Sadiq has said, "We have requested from different ministries through semi-official letter to give their demand. I have come with a list of many empty positions. We hope to get more vacant positions. "

In the non-cadre post, many candidates said in the first light that according to the promise of PSC chairman, almost all the non-cadre candidates of 35th BCS got any govt. jobs. They also expect this trend to continue in the 36th BCS. This will turn them into unemployment. They have come up to fight so many contestants.

On October 17, the 36th BCS final result was published by the PSC and PSC recommended 2,332 people to be appointed in different cadres. 3,308 people who are absconding have been kept in non-cadres. In the 36th BCS administration cadre total 292 candidates, in police cadre 117 candidates, 42 in tax cadre, in foreign cadre  20 candidates, in audit and accounts cadre 15 candidates, in agricultural cadre 322, fishery 48, health assistant surgeon 187, and 2,332 candidates including livestock 43 were recommended.

In the 36th BCS written examination, total 5,990 candidates passed. The message for the post of 36th BCS exam was announced on 31 May 2015 for appointment of about 2,380 gazetted officers of the first class. The preliminary examination was held on January 8 last year. More than two hundred thousand examinees passed out in this part only 13 thousand 679 students. Their written examination was held in September last year. 12 thousand 468 students took part in it. Candidates started giving oral exams from March 12. It ends on June 7th.