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Some interesting facts about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg

Some interesting facts about Facebook

Many people may question that why the Facebook color is blue? The reason behind it is quite funny! Mark Zuckerberg has a dysfunction in color, it is a great difficulty to him  to recognize the colors, but he greatly likes the blue color. That's why blue was chosen for Facebook in color.

1. Every day nearly 6 million people try to hack different user accounts on Facebook!

2. Almost 48 percent people of the 18 to 34 year ages wake up and check Facebook!

3. Even after logging out of Facebook, Facebook authorities have the power to take out any site you are visiting!

4. Mark Zuckerberg as the CEO of Facebook gets 1 dollar salary per year! His income comes mainly from his shares, he owns about 28% shares of Facebook alone.

5. There are about 30 million people's dead accounts on Facebook at this moment!

6. One third of the divorce in US in 2011, the main reason is Facebook!

7. There are more languages available on Facebook in social media. It is possible to use Facebook in 104 different languages around the world.

8. Nowadays, Facebook accounts of any job seekers are highly valued in any job. So do not forget to decorate your Facebook account beautifully!

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