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IQ vs EQ - Which is more important?

IQ vs EQ: Which is more important?

IQ is one of our very familiar words. Cognitive Intelligence Quotient or IQ is basically used to mean intelligence measurement. One time people thought that they could be succeed for the source of high IQ. But today psychologists found that in reality many high IQ persons can not be succeed at the main step of life.

But why? This difference between IQ and success has long been the trending subject to psychologists and researchers. The answer to this question is that they are currently - Emotional Intelligence Quotient or EQ. Now the EQ is the key to success, happiness, or abundance.

What is EQ?

Emotional intelligence is not a new concept. Its development began at the beginning of the 20th century. Simply, emotional intelligence means knowing and understanding the feelings of yourself and others. Based on a few of these things, one's EQ. 

Understanding Your Emotions, Feelings & Feedback (Self-awareness)

Control and manage your emotions, feelings, responses and moods (self-control)
To be committed to your goal and not to obstruct the attitude (mental retardation)
Consciousness and respect for the feelings of others (sympathies)
Easily associate with others, influence them, lead, negotiate, social attainments (social skills)

Why Important EQ? 

For a long time, people with high IQ's meant the successful people. High IQ or high intelligence must be a big effect on success. But now it is thought that IQ is not all. There are many more complex things that work behind success. The most important of these is EQ.

IQ mentally strengthens a man

The importance and influence of IQ can be seen in almost all cases. If we look at the workplace, many organizations provide training for the employees' IQ's and also give importance to the recruitment.

Studies show that most of the people who lead the leadership of IQ are much more. IQ will help you do a lot of good networking. It is said in the present time - "Your network is your networth". Good network helps you advance in professional life.

It seems that people whose work should take many people to think about their own IQ. But, no! IQ affects your life in many other ways. IQ mentally strengthens a man. So he can easily take stress or pressure. She suffers less anxiety or frustration. Mental peace also affects his physical well-being and he gets a happy, contented life. Emotional intelligence is so much more important.

How to increase EQ?

Emotional intelligence is not a birth rate. At any age one can improve his IQ. There are many ways to improve IQ. That's why you have to focus on your human body.

Your emotions, morale and spouse will be driven towards the goal of your life. Others should be sympathetic and sympathetic. Any unexpected situation will have to increase control over your reaction. It also has to be positive aspects of life. This can be enhanced by Emotional Intelligence.

There is nothing to delay in learning something. Empty Requirement Wishes and Attempts IQ and IQ - You can get a successful and happy life through coordination between these two things.