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Charge the old mobile in a simple way

Charge the old mobile in a simple way.

After buying a new phone, there is no problem with charging. But the problem started when the phone is going to be old. A lot of time is lost on the phone's battery charge.

There are some procedures that can be charged quickly for the phone. For example, update the phone regularly if it is a little older. As a result the phone will not be as slow, the phone's battery is also good. Try using a branded charger. Charging the computer or wireless takes longer to charge. As a result, charging phone from plug point is best.

Look at a glance at what the battery can be charged quickly to save time-

• The battery saver mode can be turned on when charging the phone.

• Activate flight mode when charging the phone. As a result, calling, internet, and GPS will be closed.

• Charging takes longer if the phone is charging very hot or cold. Charging of the phone in excessive heat increases the temperature of the phone. As a result, the phone is charged at very slow speed.

• Even if the phone is off, it will be charged faster.