35 years in entering government jobs has been rejected ~ Ofuran

35 years in entering government jobs has been rejected

35 years in entering government jobs has been rejected

Public Administration Minister Syed Ashraful Islam rejected the claim for the age of entry into the government service from 30 to 35. He said that there is no plan to increase the age of government jobs to 35 years from 30 years in reply to the  questions written by independent MP Rustam Ali Forazi in the Question Hour on Monday afternoon. In the absence of the minister, the state's minister Ismat Ara Sadeq answered the question in parliament. Earlier, the speaker said at 4 pm. Day schedule of the day started with the presidency of Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury.

Highlighting the logic for not increasing the age limit of government service, the state minister said, there are big session jam in different educational institutions including universities, but there are currently no significant session jam. As a result, students are usually getting passed SSC exam in 16 years, HSC exam in 18 years and postgraduate degrees in 23/24 years. Even after obtaining a post-graduate degree there is a minimum of 6/7 years for application to the job. Also, applying for a job in the 30-year age range is not counted even if the recruitment process takes 2/1 years to complete.

The State Minister also said that recently the number of vacant posts decreased naturally due to the increase in retirement age from 57 to 59 years. In this context, increasing the age of entry into the job will increase the number of job seekers against the different posts. This can lead to more competition for recruitment. Those who are currently 30 years of age have the opportunity to apply for a job, but there may be frustration in the 30 years old candidates.

On Thursday (November 16th) Jasad partial Executive President Moinuddin Khan Badal claimed that the age of entry into government service should be 35 in the point of order. Job seekers also claim from different parts of the country.