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How to identify Fake News or Fake Website

How to identify Fake News or Fake Website 

Today, it is very easy to get news from the available internet and social media. But it is also very easy to spread fake news with the help of internet. In the last few years, we have seen many tragic incidents happening for fake news.

Not only in our country but also in other countries fake news is a big problem. So, we should try to stop the spread of fake news in the internet. Of course, with a little cautious, we can distinguish the fake news from the true news.

  1.  Strange domain name of news website.
  2.  Other news content on that website.
  3.  Not to be known news in the renowned/ famous website. 
  4.   If the news is talking about future unhappened events.
  5.  Too much ads on that website.
  6.  The website is beautiful or gorgeous. 

Fake news can make our life dangerous, as the true news can make our world more beautiful. That's why, we should always try to identify true and fake news in the internet.