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Facebook new feature - service Workplace

Facebook's new feature / service 'Workplace'

Facebook has recently launched an experimental desktop messaging feature / service called 'Workplace'. This feature can be used on Windows 7 or later and Mac OS 10.9 or later.

Through Facebook's new workplace service, the user can contact any person or group of his colleagues in or out of the office. 

The workplace is very similar to Facebook Messenger. The methods of finding emoji, nick name or anyone are kept the same as messenger. 

Also, the main home page of the workplace (news feed) is similar to Facebook home page. But there is also the ability to share screen sharing with Messengers, as well as workshops on screen sharing.

This allows any user to share everything running on the computer screen with colleagues. You can also log in to the 'workplace' through the official e-mail address. 

Download 'Workplace' from https://goo.gl/qX8SNj for desktop.