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8 ways to learn English language ownself.

8 ways to learn English language own self.

During my school days, I was very dear to my English teachers. It is so dear to me that the name of his batch was in the name of the English sir. It was a big achievement for me. Because, in general the name of the batch of Sir-Madam's coaching was called Combined First-Second. I was always a mediocre and interestingly, this was the reason I was a media person, because of my "achievement".

In all other cases, a student, who was moderately well-researched about how well English always did, they would not have thought. They used to take, I used to sit in English all day without reading all the other lessons. And that's why I loved them very much.

The real story is different but different. Since I was a very lazy man (I'm still there), I would not have liked to study so hard. The English and the papers were basically a matter of understanding. I do not want to read too much at home. So, let's get away.

So this is very good in English, "very good", is not it? In the renowned school-college of the country, to the best English teachers-educators, I would not stop stopping to say English fluently, that's exactly what it will be. But in reality but it is not.

The way to get Highway Marks in the examination table was to get the fluent English but it was not so smooth. The reason is very simple. The Bengali medium we read, is very good in gamara and vocabulary; When to speak in English, then I got stuck. Keeping everything beautiful in mind, if you write, you can write page after page. But when it is said, the head is empty. There is no sound coming out of the mouth.

So the easiest way to get rid of this problem was to practice speaking in English with someone. If he himself is fluent in English, then it is very good. If not, there is no harm. The practice is real.

But, I did not ask anybody for spreading this idea to "I'm pretty good in English". I decided that I would be the only person to be fluent in English alone and I would be better. Today's arrangement is about how to get it.

1. The thought will be done in English:

When we speak in English, I do not think of what to say before in Bengal. Then translate it into English in my mind and then say in English. As a result, we went on and on again in Bengal and English. For that reason, there is no fluency in words.

So, we have to think in English too. Not just talking time. At any time. Whenever we think about something in our mind, we have to try to think about that in English.

2. Talking alone:

If you can understand the habit of thinking in English, then there is no one around; Say those thoughts yourself. When you listen to your own ears, you can catch your own mistakes. And during each practice, you will understand how much fluency will increase.

3. Not to worry about grammar:

The problem with talking to English is the problem with grammar. It can be seen, there is no problem with gamma. Can be written in the correct village. But, if we say, the village is going to get flawed. And then we're stopping.

That's why, during practice, more heads can not be worn with gamma. Is wrong? Yes! Talk can not be stopped. The grammar mistakes will decrease as long as it goes. But, if you stop thinking about the grammar, then there will never be any fluency.

4. Lots of English listening:

I have learned much more than I learned in English books, and I've learned English movies and series. The TV series and movies did not only increase my English vocabulary but also made it easier to speak in English. And when I went to see this series or movie, I understood that there was a different word in English. They can not be understood if they mean Bangla. They are more expressions than words or sentences. And the use of these expressions when talking to English makes our speech more receptive. So, there are plenty of English series and movies to watch.

5. Singing English:

I did this very much. I used to listen to lots of songs and try to sing those songs. No matter how good it is to hear!

The advantage of this is that the practice of speaking English is also being done by singing loudly. Again, because of this tune, we do not have to sing too much. As a result, English pronunciation is easy to stop.

6. Story telling in English:

Tell someone your favorite story in English. It's a great way to test yourself. We do not have to think so much about the story we know very well. Can be said fluently. By understanding that story, we can tell exactly how good we are in English, it becomes a very good idea about your situation.

7. Know about other forms of any word:

There are several forms of any word. And there may be many uses of the same word. If there is a simple example, the word "get" can mean the meaning of the English. It is also used to understand again. There are several such words that have many different meanings. Not only that, the same word carries different meanings.

So, we need to know these different forms of words. And use it as well.

8. Not learn only sound, learn Phrase:

English people whose first language is different from them, not just in Florence. Rather, in the form of words and words. Speaking using the right grammar and vocabulary, it can be seen that there is a difference between a local and our language.