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10 essential information about Gmail

10 essential information about Gmail 

Once upon a time the letter was perhaps the best medium of communication. But the time has changed today. This era of that letter is very much the story of the past. Technology has introduced us the cyber letter era. Which we call e-mail.

E-mail is a very important issue now. Those who use the Internet have to send or receive numerous letters every day. Gmail is a very popular name for email users due to various advantages. However, most users do not have any idea about the different features of Gmail. So, read the article, you know many unknown information related to Gmail.

1. Send a larger file to 'Gmail':

Gmail does not allow to send large megabytes of mail. If the whole mail with any attachment exceeds 25 MB, it will not be able to send it again. But there are several ways to avoid this. The first thing you can do is upload your file to Google's cloud service on Google Drive, and share its link via email. This rule is essentially to prevent virus spreading through mail.

2. Color Star:

To distinguish important emails, Gmail has the opportunity to use Star mark. The Gmail Inbox homepage has a dazzling star mark next to each email. If you want to keep a mail in the important list, then click on that star. The white star will hold yellow colors.

If you want you can use different color stars instead of yellow color. For this, the profile will be able to choose colors from in-use and not in-usets from the command set below the profile picture. From here, you can use two or four different colors. Mail will be able to use different color stars as per the requirement.

3. Multiple e-mails in the pseudonym:

If you want to use multiple pseudonyms in the e-mail address, place a dot in the middle of the address. Even then your mail will come. If you want to use more pseudonym, then put the rest of the sentence with a dot after the first letter.

It may be - abc@gmail.com> abcd@gmail.com> usaami@gmail.com If you want to use email or e-mail ID while you are subscribing to various websites or while subscribing to newsletters.

4. To do list:

You can add your to-do list or to-do list in Gmail. It is possible to use this feature for office or business purposes. To add an email to the next working list and send it to Circle members, a popup screen will appear on the Gmail home page under the Google logo on the Gmail homepage. From there, select the task. Add it to the list of days or week activities. You can send this list to Circle or someone by mail.

5. Keyboard Shortcuts:

What are the key shortcuts for Gmail? It allows you to use Gmail without a mouse. Some key shortcuts are: Ctrl + Enter to send message, Ctrl + Ctrl to start a new window, Ctrl + Shift + c to send someone a carbon copy (CC), Ctrl + Shift + b to send someone a mail black carbon copy (BCC). But remember, these shortcuts will work only after clicking on the compose.

6. Advanced Shortcuts:

Advanced shortcut menu to meet e-mail users' needs. To enable it, activate keyboard shortcuts by going to settings in Gmail's right. After starting the keyboard shortcut you get the services.

To write a new message, click on the 'P' button on the keyboard. Click the 'F' button on the keyboard to enter the new tab. To find any information in the Gmail search box, click the '/' button on the keyboard. To respond to a message, press the 'T' button on the keyboard. To delete chatting information, press the '#' button on the keyboard.

7. Third party apps:

Gmail has several third party apps that allow Google to edit any document or picture. Google is quite ahead of other popular mail services. After clicking on any document or image that comes with any mail, you can find various apps that are available with that file.

8. Managing multiple Gmail accounts at one time:

If you use two Gmail accounts, you can start two emails in the same browser. To activate two Gmail accounts together, click on your e-mail address on the right side of Gmail and select Add Account. This will open a new tab. Here you can set up your other Gmail ID and password and start two accounts simultaneously.

9. Slow Internet:

Gmail may take a long time to work on a slow Internet connection. If you choose switch to a basic version to solve this problem, then quick upload the page. In the search box, https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=htm will search Gmail for the basic version.

10. Labeling Message:

There may be many types of mail in your inbox at the same time. If it's labeled important by importance then it's easy to understand the requirements of any message for you. You can do labeling by going to Gmail's main window. Apart from the options there, you can make the label as you wish.