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Want to become a favorite person of everyone at work what to do

Want to become a 'favorite' person of everyone at work, what to do?

The office-bearer identifies your professional life. How to adapt you to a new environment, there are many more challenging tasks in the world. Your humility and respectful use will give you dignity. Taking worthy respect from other workers at work is hiding in your use. So it is very important to know exactly what to do in the office and what to do. Here are some tips for this report.

First visit: The First Impression Is the Last Impression by Saying, so this issue is very important. On the very first day when your attitude and attitude become like others, it is easy to get mixed with the old ones. What to do for him? Never eat chewing gum at the office. Come to the office with cleanliness. Keep workplace clean. Initially, do not engage in unnecessary debate.

Honesty and dignity: work with honesty and dignity. Its results will certainly be positive.

Dress Up Office Suits: Choose the clothing according to which profession you are in. Casual Wire Design is advisable to wear clothing. Do not wear skillful clothes at all. Iron your clothes. In this, your characteristic features also appear.

Perfume Use: Do not be too overweight, use light perfumes. Do not use such perfumes, so others have trouble. If sneezing or coughing, cover your face with tissue paper.

Respect the colleague: Regardless of the situation, talk with respect to everyone else. If someone else speaks, try not to talk to him. If you have to say, you must definitely do it yourself. Speak clearly, humbly. Never shout. Never argue with a colleague but personally attack In addition to entering the other house, you must ask at the door before entering the door.

Praise the rest: Those who work with you, while staying together all day, they gradually become local and friendly. So sometimes it will be good to appreciate their work. Only they will praise you.

Increase the hand of help: Not just Office Manners, it is always good to be ready to help humanity. Try to be co-operative.

Use Gentle Language: You can use courtesy words like 'Thank You', 'Please', 'Welcome You' etc.

Criticism of colleagues: Be extremely careful about this, criticize with compassion. Do not practice the personal life of colleagues. If a fellow worker is busy in the phone, keep a note near his neck.

Do not be confused: listen to others when they give advice. And it is better not to try to advise others on all matters.

Accepting the mistake: Take responsibility for your mistakes. Do not try to put it on others. Accept the mistake. There is no inferiority in accepting the own mistake.

Do not argue: When the boss is criticizing something, then do not argue with him and argue with him once why he says that things.

Respect of the New: Welcome to the new person joining the workplace. Do not always show yourself busy.

Meeting managers: Do not talk about others during the meeting. Let's talk about the person who is speaking to finish something. Do not go out when the meeting runs.

Toilet Manners: Follow the office toilet manners. Maintaining cleanliness is very important.