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Coming Google Pixel 2 Smartphone

Coming Google Pixel 2 Smartphone 

Google search engine giant’s own smart phone pixel has just arrived in the market. Meanwhile, the buzz about the company's next smart phone has started.

It is heard that this year Google will unveil the new smart phone in the autumn. However, it is not clear what can be the name of the new device, Business Insider said.

With the name of the pixel, the name of the new smart phone can be named 'Pixel 2'. Stephen Hall, senior editor of 9 to 5 Google site on Google related news, said in a tweet that a new Google smart phone will be waterproof.

Earlier, Samsung and Apple's iPhone were IP 68 standard or anti-paniers. These devices are available for 30 minutes under water from one to one and a half meters. Google is trying to increase competition with Google

The Vice President of the Engineering Department of the company, in an interview with Google, Bloomberg, will use the presses that are made in the new phone, not just anti-panic. Previously Google was using Qualcomm's processor.

Meanwhile, Google was creating a smart phone through a third party called Nexus. For the first time in the previous year, the company has started to create a smart phone called Pixel itself.