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Top Free VPN Services and Software in the internet

Top Free VPN Services and Software in the internet

VPN software and services are a great way to visit the internet anonymously. If you want to visit the internet as a stranger, use VPN. VPN is the best way to use internet server as you like, it does not matter where you stay.

Top Free VPN services websites:

To use these services you have to use Windows, Mac or Android Operating system. In Linux Operating system, you cannot use VPN, but you can use TOR Browser to visit the internet anonymously.

Data transfers on the internet as a packet. Firstly, the data goes in the payload of the internet, which is encrypted by encoding by VPN services or software. When a VPN is engaged, all traffic of your computer will go to the VPN server first. A VPN server just forwards your request to the destination and the target server responses to your request.

Actually, VPN works by connecting two computers securely and privately. When you enter a URL on your device, firstly the request sent to VPN server and the server acts an intermediary and requesting web page shows the page to you. So, the website can only see the VPN server, not the client device requesting it.

Top Free VPN Services: 

1.     Safer VPN

2.     HotSpot Sheild

3.     Tunnel Bear

4.     Cyber Ghost

5.     Surf Easy

Top Paid VPN Services:

1.     Express VPN

2.     Hide Me

3.     Windscribe

4.     VPN Gate

5.     Nord VPN

6.     Pure VPN

7.     Buffered VPN

8.     Total VPN

Some experts suggest not to use VPN, but if you feel free using VPN, then you can use it.