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Make America Great Again meaning

Make America Great Again (MAGA) meaning

“Make America Great Again”(MAGA) is a campaign slogan of American politics. This slogan was used by President Donald Trump in his presidential campaign 2016. Previously, President Ronald Reagan firstly used a similar slogan “Let’s make America great Again” in 1980 when the United States was suffering from the bad economy. And this phrase was also used silently by President Bill Clinton in 1992.

Donald Trump began to use this slogan publicly from November 2017 when President Barack Obama won his reelection against Mitt Romney in that year. Trump first thought to use “We will make America great”. But this phrase means that America was never great too. So, he chose the phrase “Make America Great Again”. 

After registering this slogan he also said that he was unaware of Regan’s use in 1980. He also noted that he did not trademark it. But he signed an application with the United States Patent and Trademark office and request exclusive rights to use the slogan for political purposes. This slogan was registered as a service mark on July 14, 2015, after Trump began his presidential campaign.

During the campaign, Trump usually used this slogan by wearing a red hat where this phrase was written in white letters. This slogan was so important that it sold for $25 on its website. Consultants, commercials, and candidates said that millions were sold.
President Donald Trump also said that in his 2020 reelection campaign the slogan will be “Keep America Great” and trademarked it.