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A Street Accident - Paragraph


A Street Accident

Among daily's unfortunate occurrences, street accident is very common. Despite all efforts to prevent accident, it happens every day. Ours is a very over-populated country. Here roads are very busy and narrow. That is why street accidents take place very frequently. Careless driving is also responsible for this. Day before yesterday a terrible accident took place just before my eyes. It occurred in front of Dhaka College. I was going to the New Market. When I reached the college gate, suddenly I heard a scream of a boy. I found that a boy, who was crossing Mirpur Road, was run over by a speedy truck. When the truck was a few feet away from him, the boy got puzzled and ran backwards and forwards. The driver tried desperately to hold the break but failed. The truck ran over the boy. He was crushed under the wheels of the truck and his body was changed into a lump of flesh. The truck was stopped. The passers-by crowded there. The boy was taken up from the pool of blood. A gentleman offered his car to carry the boy to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. In the evening I came to know that the boy had breathed his last on the way to hospital, and I was greatly shocked at this. The truck along with the driver had been taken to police custody. But that horrible scene still haunts my mind. However, we all should always bear in mind that life is more valuable than time. Moreover, some proper steps should be taken and some strict rules should be introduced to stop street accidents.