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A Bus Stand Paragraph - A terminal for passengers


A Bus Stand: A terminal for passengers

A bus stand is the place where the buses stop and where from they start. With the improvement of the roads and highways, the number of buses is increasing day by day. And the importance of the bus stand has become great. These stands can be seen by the roadsides. There are a few big bus stands located at the district headquarters or in the big cities including the capital city. Besides these big bus-stands, there are other hundreds of bus stands scattered all over the country. At some bus stands, there are sheds for the convenience of the waiting passengers. Now some of the famous bus stands have ticket counters from where the passengers purchase tickets in advance to book a seat. Usually these are places of great din and bustle. Sometimes passengers are to wait under the open sky if there is no shed for their waiting. At most of the bus stands tea stalls are found nearby. Many passengers, while waiting for buses, go there and refresh themselves taking a cup of tea or coffee. Street hawkers are busy to draw the attention of the passengers. They sell betel leaves, biscuits, breads, cigarettes, pamphlets, magazines etc. Again, some street beggars cry in loud voice with a view to drawing the passengers' heed. When a bus comes up, there is a usual bustle and hurry among the passengers. Most of the buses are found jam-packed. Yet, people push one another to get on them. Some bus stands are filthy and noisy. Thieves, swindlers and pickpockets are also there in disguise. They sometimes try to misguide the innocent passengers for fulfilling their evil desires. All these pictures taken together remind us of the famous line of the poet, "Man may come and man may go, but I go on forever". This upcoming and going sustain the flow of life.