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Zuckerberg did not create Facebook for money only

Zuckerberg did not create Facebook for money only

Mark Zuckerberg is clear, he didn't make Facebook just for money. He went to the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah, on January 5. There he tried to refute some of Facebook and the ideas he had created. He said that his goal is to make himself understandable, not as a favorite figure to people in this decade. Not like in a sense, the CEO of Facebook is seeking the minds of the people!
Zuckerberg's situation is similar to that of Nanda Ghosh. Controversy between friends and friend - Zuckerberg's fault. War at home - that's Zuckerberg's fault. Not all accusations are baseless. Because multiple times already, there has been evidence against Facebook to expose users' personal information. Zuckerberg also stands trial. As a result, Zuckerberg created Facebook for money. His statement about the idea of ​​people, 'I did not come in to build a business or sell many ads or make a lot of money.'

On the very day Zuckerberg said it, Hungarian Sorority billionaire George Soros wrote two pens against Facebook. In an article published last Friday in the New York Times, Soros said: "I believe that Mr. Trump (Donald Trump) and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg realize that their interests are the same. The president's interest in winning the vote, Mr. Zuckerberg's interest in making money. "

Facebook is upset with Soros' accusations. When Zuckerberg was asked about his and Facebook image at the Tech Summit, Soros did not comment; However, some people say, all institutions are lured only for money.

Twitter has already said it will not promote political advertising. Facebook is in the past position - will publish political ads, but scrutinize. The logic of the organization, that what the politicians are saying, people should see.

At the Tech Summit, Zuckerberg reminded him that he thought all people should talk. And from the beginning, small business owners like the big businessmen have the same type of media.

Zuckerberg said of this new initiative to expose itself, “This is a new step. I believe it will shut the mouth of many. To be frank, the previous step had put a lot of trouble in the face of many. So let's try something else.” 
Source: CNET.