Why not cancer get caught early? ~ Ofuran

Why not cancer get caught early?

Cancer is not immediately diagnosed, it is not right. Cancer is sure to be detected at the right time and in the right way. In fact, the problem is elsewhere.

Where is the problem?

The problem is when people are delayed in getting proper treatment for cancer due to some misconceptions. Basically, people make mistakes in two cases. Biopsy and surgery.


Modern medical science says it is impossible to diagnose cancer without biopsy. If the biopsy is not known then the cancer type or sub-type will not be known. Although unfortunate, the fact that after so many years of cancer treatment, people's misconceptions about biopsy are still unclear. It is important to remember that a biopsy is just a test and the biopsy is done in several ways. Not only cancer, but many other diseases are tested. However, the term biopsy has been associated with cancer in such a way that a misconception that biopsy means cancer or spread of disease has become a paradox. It should be made clear that there is no danger of any biopsy. And it is absolutely absurd to think that biopsy means cancer. Moreover, if a biopsy can spread cancer, it would be silly for people to think. However, that is always wrong. There is no scientific validity behind it. Biopsy is beneficial to people. If there is cancer, early detection of the disease increases the chances of cure. On the other hand, if one does not do a biopsy at the right time, then the primary stage of cancer can rise and move to a dangerous stage.


There is a belief that cancer is spread when the operation is not true at all. It is because of this belief that many patients queerly tell the physician: 'Doctor, you should treat them with medicines. Treat it the other way you can, but please do not do the operation '. Many say that they want to have an operation. Can you cope later! In such cases, it is worth respecting the concerns of the patient or his family members, that in many cases there is no other way of operation for the treatment of cancer. The idea that cancer will spread after the operation needs to be changed. Because, it has no scientific basis. In this context, biopsy is also a type of operation. Although small, it needs to be cut. So spreading cancer in operation is a false or false belief. It benefits the people.

It is also heard that the patient was well, but died within months of the operation. This is not the case. Even if he did not have the operation, he might have died. The religion of cancer is spreading. Cancer spreads and attacks other parts of the body. A tumor that does not have the ability to spread is not cancer. Maybe the cancer type of person was probably very aggressive. That's why the whole body is spreading fast. And the other thing is, in most cases successful surgery may not be the case. In this case, the operation was not successful. And that is why the victim died. Remember, when someone is operating according to the Evidence Based Guide line, that is the best option for him.