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What should be done in dental care at all times?

What should be done in dental care at all times?

What you want for healthy, beautiful teeth - regular care. This is a habit. There is no reason to think that such a time will be behind the dentist, or that you will have to face extra trouble in following such rules in dental care. The benefits of adding a little work to your daily routine are immense. What would happen with such rules, it is not fair to think that my teeth are healthy. It is also important for the teeth to heal. The garden is the abode of the dentist.
Former principal of Dhaka Dental College, SM Iqbal Hossain said, "Cleanliness is the most important factor in dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth, massaging gums and rubbing well, these three practices need to be developed for dental hygiene. Brush and bristle toothpaste after each meal. These habits are to make sure that the food particles do not stick. Alchemy will not work for the sake of health. In earlier days there was no toothbrush, people used to miswak. Their teeth were healthy as well. However, the most scientifically acceptable method today is the use of toothbrushes.

In the presence of food particles (especially sugary foods) and saliva inside the mouth, germs are able to cause harm. Inflammation of the gums, accumulation of pus, loss of teeth, loss of teeth can occur once. It is not correct to think that teeth will fall when you are old; On the contrary, due to lack of care, one tooth falls. In addition, there is severe pain in the inner part of the tooth, the severity of which is diagnosed immediately after childbirth (second to severe).

Extra care before bedtime
Allot 1/2 minute to massage the ginger with the finger before going to bed at night. Massage the lower leg of the lower leg to the top, the upper leg to the top to the bottom (the rule of which is to brush the tooth). In pods, where there are teeth like small pockets, food particles or dirt will come out. There will be adequate blood circulation in the garden.

Rules of Culture
In order to cool, one glass of saffron should be mixed with a pinch of salt in hot water. It will act as an antibacterial solution. It acts as an alternative to antibacterial mouthwash (a mixture of equal mouthwash and normal temperature water). The office may not have the opportunity to heat the water repeatedly. In that case, you can keep the mouthwash in the office. Eat well after eating any food.

Eating and teeth
Dental damage is easily caused by food that is stuck to the teeth. Eating modern life is unhealthy for dentists. Chocolate, chewing gum, biscuits, fast food, sweet, tender — it's best to avoid as much as possible. This kind of food is also widely used as a gift for children. Instead of taking these gifts for the benefit of the children, you can start by taking a gift such as a funny story book, picture book, color pencil, tree seedlings. Make it a habit to eat solid foods, rich foods (such as fruits).

Further care of the baby
The baby's teeth should be cleansed on a regular basis since his teeth were raised. The baby is given several baby foods, but his teeth should be cleaned after eating 5 times a day. Soak a glass of warm water and a pinch of salt in a clean cloth or gauze and rub your baby's teeth in a rub.

The baby should not fall asleep while eating milk. After the milk, the mouth should be cleaned.

Children should be brushed at the age of one and a half to two years. Give him a brush like a toy. Give good quality gel toothpaste, which has a sweet taste and aroma. Children will be encouraged to brush their teeth. Besides, help him to develop good culinary habits after eating 5 times daily.

If you have a toothache or not, visit the dentist once every 6 months. He will examine different parts of your tooth and toothpaste with the help of some equipment and equipment. This way, twice a year, your teeth will be safe and secure as a result.