What job can you get if you study physics? ~ Ofuran

What job can you get if you study physics?

Physics has nothing to do with jobs. A good job can be found by reading other factors.

If you really love physics, want to know more about nature's mystery, nuclear physics, quantum physics, astronomy, cosmology, then you need to study physics only if you want to study in the future. Physics will give you something that is beyond imagination. You will know the world you have seen so long, in a new way. Physics, teachers, professors, scientists, armed forces, aircraft pilots, all these jobs can be found. Besides, you can do various jobs in government jobs, public sector.

If you can't do these jobs, it's best not to take physics. Because physics is so vast and so fun that when you get into physics you will slowly forget about other things. After you graduate and post-graduate you will forget about various subjects of art (history, geography, etc.) and it will be difficult to read history, regional geography, state science subjects while preparing for the Civil Service, Public Sector job examination.

Many of the people I met are sitting unemployed with physics, everyone is on top of school, and many are teachers, professors, ISROs, DRDOs, working in VBA's research centers.

Many others were established to study other subjects (Bengali, English, history, political science, geography, philosophy, etc.), but they did not do well in school life.