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Getting a permanent green card is becoming easy for couple

Getting a permanent green card is easy for a husband and wife

Getting a permanent green card for immigrants or immigrants who come to the United States as a couple has been made easier. After the American citizens came to this country as spouses for the first time, they were given a green card for the first two years. After two years, the green card holder had to prove that they were not just married to get a green card through immigration.
Many times, these green card holders no longer apply for a green card withdrawal. Because many are unaware of this process, some forget or get involved in another complication due to the fact that the marriage is broken up within two years. A new law has been issued for such green card holders since November 21.

Green-card people who were subject to the law, which had until November 21, had to apply for a new green card after their second marriage. In this case, the immigration judge had to first approve the withdrawal of the green card. In many cases, the immigration department did not send Green card's information to the immigration court. This would create complications. Immigrants with such green conditions were not able to renew their green card.
American Immigration Lawyer's Association Attorney Elena Santana says these people have the opportunity to travel outside the United States

Don't have They often have to move like illegal immigrants or immigrants.

Due to the new directive issued from November 21, these green card holders will no longer need any prior approval of the immigration judge before applying for a second-term permanent green card. Immigrants can apply for a green card directly if they are eligible to apply. If the green-card holder found on the condition of immigration is a new reality with immigration status, it will be adjusted directly. The Immigration Department can adjust the status directly for any qualification.

The immigration department also said that the waiting period for citizenship in the United States with the conditionally available green card will not be added from now on. The department's information statement stated that the rules will apply when the application for adjustment is made after November 21.

The new rule states that couples who wish to withdraw the terms from the green card found on the conditional must apply by filling out a form called I-751 form. This application should be made conditionally within 3 days before the second anniversary of receiving the green card. In the process, the applicant must attend a live interview in front of the immigration.

Immigration lawyers suggest that the applicant should prepare for such an interview. If not, the process will have to start again, even if the greencard is canceled. Once the conditional greencard holder is divorced, the application for the right to joint application can be waived.