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Uber license has been revoked in London

Uber's license is revoked in London

Uber will not be able to provide service on the streets of London. London's policy makers on Monday canceled their licenses. Within just two years, the organization's licensing time was extended twice. In fact, such a decision is made because of a tendency to fail to provide security in the passenger service.

On behalf of Transport for London, another driver's image has been uploaded in place of the driver's image of a passenger, due to some changes in Uber's system. This would have created an opportunity for the other driver to get there instead of the driver assigned to it. A similar incident has occurred in the area of ​​about 5,000 rides, the company said.

Uber will appeal now

Uber has said they will appeal to the court soon. It may take months before the court proceedings. At this time around 5,000 drivers from Uber will be able to drive in London. Almost immediately after the cancellation of the license, Uber fell 2.7 percent of its shares.

Uber will inform the London Transport Regulatory Agency that they are working to change their business model
Is taking In addition, a safety standard is also being set. "We've been there for two months," said Jamie Heywood, head of Uber's North and Eastern Europe
Meeting the drivers and examining various issues. In addition, we are going to introduce a new technology to verify the appearance of the driver, which will be the first time.

Source: Reuters