The "hero of the dream" is Tom Cruise ~ Ofuran

The "hero of the dream" is Tom Cruise

The 'hero of the dream' is Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise's real name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV. Born July 9, 1982 in Syracuse, New York. As a result, the age of 5 has been completed a few years ago. But what does the picture mean? The only son of an engineer father and educator mom, Cruise was active enough as an athlete throughout school life, playing hockey almost every night. Of course, he has three sisters, Ann, Marion, and Cass. 

Cruz had a keen interest in wrestling while attending school. But after suffering from knee pain, he quit wrestling and enrolled in acting at the school's annual production 'Guys and Dolls'. Believe it or not, the hero of your dreams was exactly what he looked like when he was a kid.  

As a child he suffered from dyslexia. He was always very concerned about the matter being brought to the notice of classmates. This is Tom Cruise as a teenager.

Cruz was first married to Mimi Rogers. Cruise was 21 when she married 5-year-old Mimi Roger in the 5th. After two years, they separated.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Cruz was married to Nicole Kidman (23 years) . When they were separated in the 2001.

In 'Empire' Magazine ranked him as one of the six sexiest stars in film history. At 27, Forbes and Premier magazine called him the most powerful star in the world. Often seen in movies, helicopters hang on. To jump from the roof of a tall building. Almost every movie is seen killing the opponents. This is your favorite star but you can rise up the hill.

However, it was seen that he was running, he was flying. Rotten Tomatoes, a movie-rating company, said that the more Tom Tom Cruise runs, the more the movie business becomes. Image critics jokingly say that Tom Cruise's racing means superheroes. Rotten Tomatoes says Tom Cruise ran an average of 5 miles per hour on the screen of the movie hall.