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Its Dangerous by running a phone in the hand

Its dangerous by running a phone in the hand

Racing is a great exercise to keep the body healthy. But it's not just about running, it's important to follow some rules. On the one hand, as you can keep yourself free from injury, there will be more benefits.
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In the morning, many of us run with a mobile phone in hand. According to experts, running the phone in the hand is risky. This increases the risk of serious injuries to the buttocks and shoulders.

Alexa Duckworth, the running coach for UK Athletics, says running the phone by hand may seem trivial to you. But it is dangerous work. This increases the risk of major injuries in the future.

When you catch something with your hands, movement can have a serious effect. The muscle becomes unbalanced. The body weights are random. At the same time, the ability to run is reduced. Your feet, buttocks and shoulders will become sensitive as you continue to do so day after day.

Alexa says holding the phone in hand while running means adding extra weight to one side of the body. Because of this, one hand is in an unusual position. In the modern age, the phone is an everyday companion of the people. It's a practice to keep in hand.

If a person runs for 5 minutes, his hand goes a few thousand times. The hand and the opposite foot move back and forth while running. So holding the phone in the right hand causes problems with the left leg and buttocks.

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