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Brexit is falling behind, Parliaments plan has been stopped

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has taken responsibility with the solemn promise will be effective on October 31'. Now he is on the verge of breaking that promise. The UK's separation from the European Union (EU) is known as 'BREXIT', the acronym for 'Britain Exit'.

Parliament has already stopped planning for a non-contractual separation of the government. Lawmakers also rejected Tuesday the last Prime Minister Boris' plan to pass the BREXIT bill in just three days. As a result, the British Prime Minister no longer had the power to implement BREXIT on October 9. At the same time, the ongoing turmoil with BREXIT has the potential to further prolong.

On Tuesday, two important voting took place in the UK Parliament. The first vote was on the Withdrawal Agreement Bill signed with the EU. The vote for the bill was 122. And 20 against. This is the first case of BREXIT bill getting the support of Parliament. But this is the first step in the legislative process in Parliament, known as 'second reading'. The next step is the 'committee stage'. At this stage lawmakers can bring different amendment proposals to the bill. And the amendments to the BREXIT bill, which will come from the Opposition, and the timetable for debating those proposals, are easily conceivable.

That is why the second vote was held. So that the government proposes to complete the debate on the BREXIT bill within three days. In this proposal, the government lost by 122 votes. Opponents think that three days is not enough to verify the BREXIT bill.

In response, Prime Minister Boris Johnson thanked lawmakers for supporting his BREXIT bill. But he regretted rejecting the proposed schedule to pass the bill. He said, however, that before this time, Brexit would be effective on the basis of this bill. Boris said he had applied to postpone Brexit to meet Parliament's demands. Now the EU has to decide whether they will pursue Brexit.

Boris had earlier announced that if he did not approve the proposed schedule, he would suspend the activities of the bill and opt for the general election. According to the announcement, he postponed the proceedings of the bill.

Opposition parties termed the suspension of the Bill's activities as child-friendly behavior. Senior Conservative lawmaker Kenneth Clark urged the prime minister to reconsider the decision, saying parliament supported his bill. Now I need a little extra time for scrutiny. His comments that there is nothing to harm the day after the separation in the interest of the bill.

Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn proposed negotiations with the government to determine the appropriate time for debate. Last Wednesday, Boris and Corbin met to discuss a very unexpected schedule. The decision of the meeting was not known until the writing of this report.

In response to such a result of voting in the British Parliament, EU Commission President Donald Trask has said he would advise member states to postpone Brexit.

According to a law enacted in the UK parliament to prevent non-contractual separation, the letter sent to the EU requested that the day of Brexit be postponed until 1 January 2021. Now the turn of the UK politics depends on how long the EU delays the separation.

Sources in the Prime Minister's Office said that after the long-term Brexit, the government will choose the fast after the general election. But the call to advance elections also depends on the support of two-thirds of the legislators. Boris Johnson, meanwhile, failed to pass a two-way advance election. Opposition parties then demanded that they support the advance election after being convinced that a non-contractual separation was not taking place on October 31.

The Liberal Democrat and the Scottish Nationalist Party have hinted that they will support the advance of Brexit. This time the Labor Party will not have the excuse to reject the proposal for advance elections.