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Never Search these 10 things on google

Need some info? Many people went to Google search box and started searching for it. Someone looking for food recipes Someone searching for online banking, money transfer or online medicines. Those who rely on Google for everything, should keep in mind these content but Google itself does not create it. 

Google simply provides an online platform where information from various websites can be viewed. So there is no reason to think that all the information seen on Google will be accurate and accurate. Many things you see on Google can cause you harm. Finding a few things in the Google search box should be an absolute must. You'll be safe online here. Here are 5 things to know:

1. Online Banking: Remember the online address of the bank you are dealing with. Do not try to find out about their site or service online without the proper URL or link. Many times the phishing site is created by the phishing site in the bank's website. If you go to a forgotten site and pass it on with your ID-password, you will be destroyed. Information about online banking is better not to search Google.

2. Customer service number: Rogue users put fake service numbers and websites online. Many went to Google to cheat by calling the fake site number. Google has been the biggest scam victim so far while searching for customer service numbers. So be careful to avoid cheating on a customer service phone number from Google.

3. App and software download: You can get into the trap of cheating by going to Google to find a suitable software. To download the mobile app or software, go directly to the App Store for Google Play or iPhone for Android. Do not download any app by searching Google. Because, rogue people can be tempted to download a lot of software. Remember, downloading fake apps or software can bring malware to your device. It may steal your personal information.

4. Medications: If you suffer from any problems, talk to your doctor directly. The information Google provides is not always accurate. According to data seen in Google, you may be in danger of buying drugs. So Google should not rely on touchy issues.

5. Stock market information: Like health information, relying on Google for financial issues is not right. Financial success can vary from one individual to another. When it comes to investing, it would be best for you not to rely on Google search information.

6. Government Information: Similar to the bank's website, the miscreants create fake information on various government sites. The primary goal of scammers is to fool the user by creating a site in the form of government sites. Many of the websites that appear in Google search seem genuine but later prove to be frauds. Instead of searching on Google, it will be safe to know the URL of the relevant website.

7. Social media: Never search Google's social media login page. You will go there by writing the link to the social media website in Google's address box. You may be exposed to phishing attacks when you go through Google search. You can go to any fake website.

8. Search Google Offers: Many people search Google for offers online. Google will receive thousands of such offers. Miscreants can take away your important information by trapping these offers. So do not search for any offers directly at Google. Buy products directly from their website on the site you want to purchase.

9. Free Antivirus: Many people search Google for 'free antivirus'. If you search for 'free antivirus' in Google, you will find numerous fake software which can cause damage to your device. Finding real-fake by searching Google is difficult for many.

10. Discount Coupons: Many people search Google for coupons to get discounts on purchases. If you are looking for such coupons, you will be duped into a fake coupon and go to the fake site. Your card information may be stolen from here. So stop looking for a discount on Google.

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