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Why does Trump want to buy Greenland?

Why does Trump want to buy Greenland?
US President Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland, the world's largest island. He also consulted with lawyers and advisers on the matter. The laughter at home and abroad has not diminished. But people have been asking a lot of questions about why Trump wants to buy Denmark-owned island.

About 5 percent of Greenland is snow covered. Only 4,000 people live on this island. Trump himself didn't say anything about why he wanted to buy such a place. However, there are a few obvious reasons for this purchase. One of these is natural resources. 

Greenland is home to huge natural resources. Iron, ore, lead, zinc, diamonds, gold, uranium and oils - all the rare natural ingredients out there! As much of the island is covered by snow, no one has yet been able to use it. The island's ice is melting rapidly due to global warming. This summer, NASA scientists from the US space research agency observed two of the largest iceberg events in Greenland's history. The ice melting of the island will increase the land use opportunities and also open up immense potential for natural resources. That's why Trump could risk buying Greenland.
Many speculate that there may be geopolitical reasons behind the US president's purchase of the island in Denmark. The United States has already set foot in the country. The US administration has set up an army base called Thule Air Base. The arsenal, located 5 and a half miles north of the Arctic Circle, has modern technology. 
There's a radar station. This is part of the United States' advance ballistic missile warning. The US Air Force Space Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command also use military bases. Trump may also consider buying Greenland to increase military power in Europe.

Another reason could be the attempt to buy Greenland - to show one's own skills and abilities. Buying other countries' wealth is seen as an added skill of the president. So to increase acceptance, Trump wants Greenland in his pocket. Trump wants to kill two birds in one pile - using Greenland as a tool in the presidential election, while demonstrating his own ability.