Revised Motor Vehicles Act is being introduced from September 1, 2019 ~ Ofuran

Revised Motor Vehicles Act is being introduced from September 1, 2019

Revised Motor Vehicles Act being introduced from 1st September: All are careful. The amended Motor Vehicles Act is coming into force from September 1, 2019.  Under this law, the penalties for violating traffic rules should be several times higher. Let us take a look at all the changes. 

1. Under the amended law, the fine amount has been raised to Tk 10,000 if an emergency service provider fails to leave the road. Earlier, the fine was Tk 2,000.

2. A driver who loses the qualification can be fined up to 10,000 tk.

3. Driving an alcoholic car may result in a fine of Tk 1,000.

4. While talking on the mobile phone in Cannes, the fine for driving a car is Tk 5,000. Earlier, the fine would have been a thousand taka.

5. If you do not obey the red signal at the crossing, the fine is Tk 3,000. Earlier, it was 500 Tk.

6. If the vehicle does not comply with the upper limit, the fine is Tk. Earlier, the fine was Tk 400.

7. The fine also increased when a minor was driving a car. In this case, the car owner has been fined Tk 25,000.
8. The fine for driving a car without a driving license is Tk 5,000.

9. A fine of Tk 2,000 will be paid if the copied paper is not left in the car without the required copy.

10. If you do not have a seat belt, you will pay a fine of Tk 1,000.

11. Overloading a car fined up to Tk 20,000.

12. If the two-wheeler (motorbike, scooty) is not wearing a helmet, the fine has increased to Tk 1,000.

13. If the authorities disobey the order, the minimum fine is Tk 2,000.

14. On the other hand, the maximum penalty is up to Tk 1,00000 if ​​you do not comply with the license policy. At the same time, there can be three years imprisonment.
In the event of an accident, the compensation has been increased to Tk 5 lakh.