Pinterest users are now about 300 million ~ Ofuran

Pinterest users are now about 300 million

Pinterest users are now about 300 million

Pinterest, known as virtual bulletin boards, has exceeded its number and becomes 300 million. Pinterest users have the opportunity to pin and customize images on their virtual boards.

Pinterest authorities say their virtual board sharing service has surpassed Wall Street's forecast in terms of revenue and user growth. Global Pinterest users have grown by 5 percent in the last quarter. In the second quarter of this year, their income increased from April to June. The information was released in a report by Reuters.

Colin Sebastian, an analyst at Baird Equity Research, an analyst firm, said that the growth rate of Pinterest users indicates a strong position on the platform. Now Pinterest is becoming more attractive to consumers and advertisers. Pinterest has been able to do what investors want.

Earlier in the year, the number of Pinterest users exceeded 10 million. This year, Pinterest users have grown in the US and globally.

According to the Pinterest entrepreneur, this is not a social media tool, but a personal tool. No one comes to Pinterest to see what friends are doing. Here comes encouragement and ideas.