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How to make a tree into Bonsai?

What to make a tree into Bonsai? Hope you are also looking for this question as a Bonsai lover! As a beginner, I am also searching for this secret what's the thing that makes a tree into Bonsai. So after some researches, I found something that I am going to share in this article. I am pretty sure you already know what a Bonsai is. If you don't know, then this wiki page may help you to understand what is Bonsai.

Bonsai is a long process. Because making a miniature tree is not possible in a short time. However, it's not that much hard. So, as you see it's a process of making a big tree into small in size, its take some time to turn into a full shape of bonsai. In this case obviously its important to choose a good tree for this process. It's the main thing. So, on my quest, I found that a few strategies that help to grow a big tree slow process small in size but keeping its all features like a big natural tree.

First thing, you need to choose a good, healthy & long living tree that you can find in your local area. So you can put the tree in a pot for 1 or 2 years. That is the starting to give the tree some space so that it used to live in a boundary. So then you are ready for the other processing.
Cutting, pruning, and wiring are the three main strategy that makes the tree to become a bonsai tree. You can also choose cutting and pruning ignoring the wire-ing if you don't like it. However, the only single strategy is not enough. Wire-ing mainly helps to keep the desired shape on your bonsai. However, if you don't want to wire, then you can use a cut and grow method. Which also can help to maintain the shape also but for that, you need to have some experience with it. Don't be afraid of cutting, if you cut one; it grows in two. You need to keep some patience. However, keep in mind that, if you cut one branch you won't get it back in same way. So be wise and take your time which branch you want to cut off. For reducing and grow, you can have some idea from YouTube or any other way you like. You can contact someone who is already working with bonsai.

So basically, you can't depend on one single strategy, you have to try in a different way to care for your bonsai and need to good take care of it. You have to take proper care and monitor it regularly. After that, you can get a bonsai in your desired size and shape. 
Remember one thing; Bonsai is not like that you can keep a tree without its nutrition. Don't do that; it's a bad idea. You have to feed it well to maintain all features like a big tree. If you don't feed it well, it won't look like a big tree. In this case, you have to give the tree liquid fertilizer that can help the tree to grow up and get all the features like a big tree. 

Another important thing is Bonsai soil. You have to make the bonsai soil properly. So the tree can get all its necessary nutrition from it. As you need to grow it in small size, you like to keep the tree in a small pot with a few soils. So that's why making earth is essential. As you put the tree in limited soil that makes the growth slow. However, don't worry about it. Timely fertilizing keeps the tree happy. Sometimes you also need to prune the root to keep the tree small in size. 

Bonsai is the most living art worldwide. So you can have your bonsai with proper caring. It's a charming and beautiful art that gives you pleasure as an artist. All you need some experience of basic gardening. Also, after working with it, you can learn all its beauty slowly.  

So, that's all for today. Hope that it makes some interest to start a bonsai today. You can feel the pleasure when you get a miniature size big tree in your room or garden. If you want to know more about it, you can comment here. You can also get more tutorial to get some idea and knowledge from YouTube and the internet.