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All Kind of insurance

Kinds of insurance

1. Life insurance 
Life insurance is one of the traditional forms of insurance, which is designed to protect you and your loved ones from sudden threats or disasters. It was primarily designed to protect family income. But then, it is a surefire plan to be a security measure for the resource conservation option. The number of dependents a person needs on a life cover, current savings, financial goals and so on
2. General insurance 
Any coverage other than the life of the general insurance falls under this section. There are different types of insurance that cover almost every aspect of your life depending on your needs:
A. Health insurance covers the cost of your medical and surgical expenses that may arise in your life. Generally, health insurance listed hospitals provide cashless benefits.
B. Motor insurance It includes the damages and liability associated with a vehicle (two wheel or four wheel) against various situations. It provides protection against loss of vehicle and cover to third party liability as defined in law against the car owner.
C. Travel insurance covers you from an emergency or loss that occurred during your trip. It covers you against invisible medical emergencies, theft or baggage damage.
D. Home insurance It covers houses and / or materials based on the scope of the policy. It protects homes from natural and man-made disasters.
E. Marine insurance covers products, cargo, etc. from potential loss or damage during transit.
F. Commercial insurance provides solutions to all sectors of the construction, automotive, food, energy, technology, and more. Risk protection may vary from person to person, but the basic functions of insurance policy remain more or less the same.