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Who is stealing the password?

Who is stealing the password?

According to Kaspersky data, the malware is targeted at users in India, Brazil, Germany, Russia and the United States. Last year's first quarter saw an attack of more than 1 million stealers, but in the first quarter of this year it increased to more than 100,000.

Password stealing wire (PSW) is considered to be an important weapon for cyber-robbers to steal data from their privacy. This malicious software can retrieve information from user's browser in various processes. It can capture passwords, auto-fill information, payment details, and financial transaction information as touch information. Apart from this, cyber-malicious people can seize browser cookies, app files, location information and messenger information using different versions of this software.

Alexander Irmin, a security researcher at Kaspersky, says modern consumers are very active and do a lot of things online every day. They give daily information on digital profiles. This makes cyber rockets an attractive target. Miscreants can use this information in various ways. The most prevalent of these spreads is the 'Trojan virus' Azrolt. The virus was found by analyzing the data of those PCW Trojans.

Researchers warn users to share personal information and passwords with friends or close friends using digital media. This in itself increases the risk of being infected with malware. They also advised to be careful about sharing passwords or such sensitive information on popular social media websites. Experts at Kaspersky say regular product patches and software have to be updated and used.