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Travel agency World Nomad Scholarship for Travel Film Makers

Travel agency World Nomad is giving a scholarship to those who dream of being a travel film maker. You can apply for a World Nomad Travel Film Scholarship by the 5th of August. Subject to the condition, anyone can apply.

The selected candidates will have the opportunity to travel to Malaysia for free, and there will be award-winning filmmaker Jenny Nichols as mentor.

To be a good travel film maker, it is not enough just to capture the highlight of the trip, but more. For the past 5 years, World Nomad has been providing valuable advice to enterprising filmmakers. Their advice helps emerging filmmakers understand what a good travel film means.

Travel costs will be paid
Award-winning filmmaker Jenny Nicholas has the opportunity to develop her own skills in mentor ship
Travel to different destinations in Malaysia
Travel insurance

Eligibility of application
Must have a Malaysian Visa
Must have proficiency on the English language, since Jenny Nicholas, who is a mentor here, speaks English.

Application method
Apply online by visiting the link.
Make a 5 minute video and upload it to YouTube and the video's privacy must be public.

Application Deadline: August 9, 2019.