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The courses that must be taken now to improve IT jobs

The courses that must be taken now to improve IT jobs

Those who are planning to pursue a career in the IT sector, should go beyond the traditional standards. Once upon a time only a college or university degree was available. Besides, there were opportunities to learn many things to do. But now to improve career, new technology skills have to be mastered already. It is not possible to bring new responsibilities and improvements to the establishment if the new technology cannot be mastered with the current skills. 
This is why you have to find time to learn new skills. However, to improve your skills, you do not need to quit your job and return to the classroom. You can enhance your skills by taking different courses online. Demand for some courses on online learning platforms has increased tremendously recently. Check out a list of 5 popular courses in Corsair:

1. Machine learning at Stanford University.
2. Programming for Everybody at University of Michigan (Getting Started with Python).
3. McMaster University and University of California, San Diego's Learning How to Learn.
4. Programming at Johns Hopkins University.
5. Princeton University Algorithms, Part-1.
6. Deep learning dot neural networks and deep learning.
7. Python Data Structures of the University of Michigan.
8. The Data Scientist Toolbox at Johns Hopkins University.
9. Introduction to Data Science in Python from the University of Michigan.
10. CentralSuplek's Build Your First Android App (Project-centric course).

Before applying for a particular course, its contents must be checked. Understand whether these content is suitable for your career, but if you take courses, there will be benefits.