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How to prevent theft of information from the phone

How to prevent theft of information from the phone

Various apps on smartphones may steal your information. The news of these apps being hacked is often heard. Many popular apps, including Facebook, are also seized by cyber-criminals. So be careful before using the Android phone. Otherwise, your personal information may be stolen and accordingly you may get in trouble with advertising.

Google recently updated the privacy and security policy at their annual developer conference. This policy will apply to the Android Q version. If you want to prevent the collection of unwanted information in an app, here are some steps:

Don't allow all data collection in the app: Often times an app wants to make calls or camera access from your phone. But the Weather App does not require such information. Again, if a game app wants permission from a microphone, you should understand that it can listen to you. If you find that an app is asking for additional information when downloading, be careful. If the app does not allow you to download it, you can go to the alternative app. You can fix app permissions on this one.

  1. Go to Android phone settings
  2. Go to the Apps or Application Manager section of the smartphone
  3. Click on the suspicious app in the list
  4. Go to the permissions section
  5. Toggle the ones you don't want to allow, turn them off
  6. You can also see what permission an app has received from the App Permissions section by going to Security Settings. You can then uninstall the app or install a new one if needed. References: Gadgets Now