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DeepFake Video can bring terrible danger for humankind

The picture or video is distorted and produced with the help of artificial intelligence, and it is promoted to be exactly like original is known as deepfake video. Experts fear the issue is becoming a serious threat now. Deep-fake video looks like the real thing, and it is widely discussed about its use in the entertainment world.

Indian experts have warned that Deep-fake content can bring terrible danger to the country of multinational populations, including India. The miscreants can create conflicts between different communities using distorted content.

These videos made by artificial intelligence programs are heard to speak to a person, which they did not say. They can be seen to do what they did not do. These video content distorted by the digital process is more deadly than conventional text and distorted images. These false information can drag people over or believe that people look exactly like it.

Technology expert Prashant K. Rai said the DPF could create a risk of serious danger for a nation with populist, low literacy, knowledgeable and racial sensitivity.

Master Ram, a cyber media research expert, said that the issue of distortion of images and videos has been coming for a long time, but the problem of video spoilers like Dipfuck can create a real risk in the social context. If used in the hands of a bad guy, these simple tools will be used to spread false information.

Recently an app called Deep-fake has been removed. That app became popular recently. The app had the advantage of virtualization someone with a few clicks.

The horrors of this kind of video can be realized since the last month a quick video of a Deep-fake  video of Mark Zuckerberg spread.

In a BBC report last June, a video clip of Zuckerberg created in Zuckerberg's similar computer program spread. The video has a picture of Zuckerberg talking or head drops. The video claimed that behind the success of Zuckerberg, an intelligence agency has a hand in it. The fake video has been posted again in Facebook-owned Instagram. Facebook authorities have said that they will not remove the video.

The video originally contained "Deep-fake" video, which was created using Artificial Intelligence (AI). It can create a variety of actions using a person's picture.

Earlier, a fake video posted on Facebook was written by Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi of the United States Congress. The Facebook authorities have to face criticism of the video. Facebook authorities say that many post machines will now be made in learning-based software, which will automatically detect video and remove potentially harmful content on Facebook. They will also create tools or computer programs that will help identify potentially harmful elements of the workers.

A Facebook spokesman said, "The way other false information is seen in Instagram, it will be seen in the same way." If third party fact checkers give it a false view, it will be filtered.

Last month, US Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to remove a fake video from Facebook. Pelosi became mad at this. The Facebook authorities were asked, if Zelberger had made such a video in place of Pelosi, would that be treated the same?

Experts expressing concerns about DPfake say that it would be difficult to remove DPF content than to remove common fake news or information.

According to a study by Pew Research, most adults in the United States believe that the distorted video will confuse them with recent developments and issues.

If DPF spreads out, it will be a situation when people will not believe in the things seen in their eyes. The belief in the people will be lost. The miscreants use the opportunity to create false video or content and try to prove falsehood on individuals, special groups and communities.

Experts say that automatic identification process is still in the initial stage to capture DPF video. But in this case, there should be a chance to flag such content by adding awareness and technology support. Social media will also need to take appropriate action in this regard.