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Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi died in court

Former Egyptian President Morsi died in court

Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi died. After a hearing in the case of espionage case, he died unconscious in court premises.

According to a report published on Monday, Egypt's newspaper Al-Ahram has said that London-based Middle East media Middle East I

Egyptian newspaper reported that Morsi was allowed to make his speech in the hearing of this day. After adjourning the hearing, he became unconscious.

The report, published in the media, said 67-year-old Morsi was taken to a hospital after he became unconscious.

In March last year, a panel of British politicians and lawyers said that Morsi's physical condition in prison is not good, and may even lead to his death.

The family members called the panel to monitor its overall condition by refusing to provide adequate medical care to Morsi with Diabetes, family members said.

The panel said in a statement that he may die prematurely because of Morsi's physical condition which has reached the stage due to negligence.

But the government of Egypt has not given much importance to the statement of the panel led by former British army officer and Conservative MP Crispin Blant.

Morsi came to power in 2011 in Egypt's history after long-time dictator Hosni Mubarak was ousted.

He was ousted by a military coup led by his government's Defense Minister Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in 2013, in a military coup.