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Do not post on Facebook if you want go to the United States - USA

Do not post on Facebook when you go to the United States

Many people expect US visas for study, business or travel. But the US visa is not easy anymore. In the United States, you have done research on your various posts through social networking. Before getting a visa, compulsory social media information is now available. United States can not give you a visa because of many controversial posts through social networking. So those who are US citizens must be aware before posting them through social networking. Find out which posts can not be posted.

Political posts
It is understood that the attitude of US vicissitudes by analyzing the post by social networking about the country. In this case, the political views of the United States were discussed earlier. So it is not fair to post on US politics through social networking. Even the American political leaders have to refrain from sharing or retweeting Mim, distorted pictures or comments. US policy can not be criticized. Must stay away from anti-American posts.

Violent posts
Facebook can not post violent posts or share posts. When posting a post in support of violence or posted to a particular group, the United States does not look good. The United States immigration authorities specially investigate and post a hate speech against anyone and posted on Twitter and Facebook. Many times this reduces the possibility of getting a visa.

Sharing your pictures with friends or taking pictures of drugs, taking the drug or getting information is unlikely to get a visa. Alcohol, marijuana, even smoking, if you have doubts in the film, you will face serious questioning. Due to the posting of party pictures with friends, the dreams of studying at your university of university will remain intensely.

Announcement in the United States
Many people posting on Facebook or Twitter, 'I'm going to America, I'll settle here permanently' - these posts. Those who have the desire to become permanent in the United States at the end of the study or work, the visa is difficult to obtain. So it is not right to post secret secrets to be permanent in the United States, through social networking.

Pornographic post
Many people share pornographic posts in Facebook timeline. Some people were angry with someone and posted a reversal on Facebook. It's stupid to post an angry or angry photo or video on Facebook. The biggest stupidity is to keep any pornographic pictures, videos or comments out there. Viewing these posts gives an idea about your personality, immigration authorities So keep posting on the timeline as the post that shows your personality without posting the reverse.

Deleting a post increases the suspicion
If you delete any controversial post in the timeline in hopes of going to the United States, there will be more suspicions in it. Deleting a post or posting only makes the immigration authorities free of cost. Trying to conceal anything increases their suspicion. So think of posting a post. References: Gadgets Now