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38th BCS Written Final Result is published

38th BCS Written exam final result has been published today. PSC chairman Mohammad Sadik has said that for the first time 3rd examiner has rechecked the answer scripts, this is the reason for delay. Total passed student in the 38th BCS written exam is 9862. 

Total posts number of 38th BCS is 2160. 38th BCS written exam was finished on 13 August, 2018 but about one year later the result is published. The preliminary exam of 38th BCS was held on 29 December, 2017. About 3 lakhs 89 thousands 468 students apply for this BCS. 

The Public Service Commission (PSC) can publish the results of the 38th BCS tomorrow on Monday. It has been known from multiple sources of PSC. The PSC is going to publish the results of this examination almost a year after the written examination.

The source said in the first light, the PSC called a special meeting on Monday. The approval of the 38th BCS written results may be approved in the meeting. If approved, the last session of the meeting will officially announce the results.

Speaking to the 38th BCS written examination, the Chairman Mohammad Sadiq said in the first light, "This is the first time after the first and second examinations, the third examiner saw the account." So it took more time to give results.

There were about 2,400 cadre officers in the public administration through the 38th BCS. However, now 136 people will get recruitment in this BCS. In this, the number of posts in this BCS is 2, 160 people.

Written by the 38th BCS written examination on August 13 last year The 38th BCS preliminary examination was held on 29 December, 2017. It is published within two months of the test. In this, 3 lakh 89 thousand 468 candidates appealed.