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Why do you eat brinjal during pregnancy?

Why do you eat brinjal during pregnancy?

There are many types of disagreements about what should be eaten during pregnancy and no matter what. The doctors said one thing again, the elders of the house said many more types of words. However, accepting the advice of the doctor is good. Many people say that while eating brinjal and many others do not eat it. Take a look at what you get benefits by playing brinjal. Brinjal is available in our country almost throughout the year. In this way, there are plenty of nutrients that are very good for the mother and the baby.

Reduces birth defects

During pregnancy, the likelihood of having a baby is very less. Red blood cells are also made in the body. But it is not just brinjal. It is also good to eat other vegetables.

Embryonic growth

Vitamin C contains plenty of vitamin C, B complex, vitamin A and so on. There are also plenty of minerals. And eggplant increases hemoglobin in fetal blood.

Under the control of diabetes

During pregnancy many people are diagnosed with diabetes. For many reasons, blood sugar levels increased. If you can put eggplant in the daily diet, you can get good results.

Helps digestion

Many people suffer constipation this time. Also digestion is not well. There are dietary fiber in the eggplant. Which helps digestion and nourishes the pregnant baby.

Increases the immune system

Controlling cholesterol and protecting against various types of diseases of germs. Blood pressure is also kept in control, it keeps away from any diseases of the heart.

However, many pregnancies have the possibility of abortion and premature delivery. Many people also have digestion problems. So eating brinjal, Khan at the doctor's advice.