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Language Education at King Abdul Aziz University Saudi Arabia

King Abdul Aziz University Saudi Arabia (Faculty of Language Education)

The online application for scholarships to the Diploma in Arabic as a Foreign Language program for the academic year 2020-2021.

Scholarship Type:

Full scholarship
Some of the subjects which were not added before this year, those who have good proficiency after completing the language courses, will be able to study in Pharmacy, Medical Science and Medicine Dentistry program.

Honors, Masters,
Scholarship for 1-year language education institute course will be continued after the course completion, apply for those who wish to live privately in Saudi, long process, no nomination mail will come after 2-3 months of application.

External Scholarship Admission Requirements:
1- Applicants to the DCAFL scholarship must:
a. hold a secondary school certificate with a grade not lower than "Good". The certificate and transcript must be in Arabic or English, or translated to either language by a certified translator.
b. be between 17 and 25 years old.
c. not have received a scholarship from any other educational institution in the Kingdom.
d. not have been dismissed from any educational institution in the Kingdom.
e. provide proof of medical fitness.
f. have a passport valid for at least two years.
g. obtain their government approval to receive a scholarship to study in the Kingdom; this applies to citizens of countries that require Saudi students to provide the same approval.
h. submit two letters of recommendation.
i. (only for female applicants) be accompanied by a male guardian (mahram) who, according to the regulations, must either have received a scholarship or have a residence permit (Iqamah), or will be employed by a Saudi employer in need of his services.
Benefits of the Scholarship:
1. In general, scholarship students enjoy all benefits that other university students have.
2. Additionally, scholarship students are offered the following:
a. Suitable accommodation and appropriate educational, social, and cultural care and guidance.
b. A monthly stipend.
c. A two-months stipend upon arrival for settling down.
d. A three-months stipend after graduation for shipment.
e. Subsidized meals.
f. An annual two-way ticket from and to their country.
e. Health care through University and governmental health facilities.
3. Finally, OUTSTANDING students have the opportunity to UPGRADE their scholarship and continue their Bachelor studies in any undergraduate program except those offered in the following faculties: Medicine, Dentistry, Applied Medical Sciences, and Pharmacy.

Whatever it takes 1 / certificate, mark sheet ssc, hsc 2 / Medical certificate 3 / passport 4 / Tuscia / Reference 5 / photo 6 / Biodata